The Great Air Race

This is a brand-new phenomenon, never before attempted. The skies of America have hosted numerous air shows, but never has a race of this size, spanning across the entire nation, occurred! Papillon Productions invites you to join them in this fantastic adventure. Whether you want more information, or would like to be a volunteer to help the pilots along the way, or just want to support us, please contact us today!

Papillon Productions Inc. has created Great Air Races Inc. a wholly owned division of Papillon in San Diego, CA. to finance the entire series of races on it's own merits. (G.A.R.I.) is and will be owned by a private stock offering through a Regulation D program. Total Preferred shares of stock remained at nine million at $1.00 par value and increased to $4.00 par value after January,2009.

The concept originated as the writer/producer and creator of “The Great Air Race” was flying with his flight instructor on a warm summer day in Florida in 2001.  Most of Papillon Productions film crew are all pilots or were pilots.  After creating the first series titled “The Great Air Race,” Papillon’s Director, Donna C. Brown who is also supervising editor came up with the name (G.A.R.I.) for Great Air Races Incorporated, after Diaz created three other air races Just days later Papillon’s Chief of Flight Operations, Captain Don Palas, was killed in a twin engine Cessna along with Dr. Martinez, upon take-off in Lakeland, Florida heading to Tallahassee. The Producer then decided to shelf the idea for several years even after copyrights and trademarks had been acquired.  Diaz then created an additional ten races bringing the total to fourteen before pitching them all at NATPE.


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