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Dear FBO;

We ask that you pass this information on to your best pilots.  Many of the registered contestants are already from FBO's around the country and are Flight Instructors themselves.  This is not a requirement but representing an FBO may make acquiring an aircraft much simpler, also it wouldn't hurt if the FBO helped sponsor the pilots for fuel cost to and from the starting and finish-line.  Besides fuel, pilots have only the expense of lunch since they will stop at different locations, and any alcoholic beverages at the lounge each night.  This can be done through local donations, contributions, fundraising or charity events. The production company will cover all fuel cost, hotels and meals during the race.

Dear FBO;

As you have seen on the future races page, Papillon Productions has several events scheduled within the next fourteen years. With as many races as we plan to do we are naturally seeking new and exciting locations to visit. Of course we need to know what your city has to offer as far as accommodations for cast and crew, plus what type of activities are there in and around your area? Also are there sponsors willing to showcase an event for pilots and what would be our portion of the cost for hosting an event seen by sixty to one hundred million viewers on national TV? Should you and your city be interested you could contact us by e-mail at Or, you could have the Chamber of Commerce or Visitors and Conventions Bureau send us a package with proposal. Thank You.

Respectfully,                                                            Donna C. Brown                                              Artistic Director



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