The Great Air Race


After months of development, Diaz stated; "I took the idea to New York and Hollywood, California.  Everyone was thrilled at the concept.  I knew if I went up against two of the great reality shows, "Survivor" or "The Apprentice" I could beat one or the other.  I would prefer battling it out with Survivor which has a much less sophisticated audience than with "The Apprentice", although both audiences would love "The Great Air Race."  I knew I had something great, nothing to match "American Idol" but close.  I knew that by the time the planes took off at 6:00am it would be on the 6:00 o'clock NEWS everywhere in the United States.  I also knew that every country in the would would cover the event by the time the planes flew around the country to an undisclosed finish-line.  If "American Idol" could draw an audience of sixty million viewers, I knew I could match that easily.

Our Mission
In our media-crazed society where every newsworthy event is televised for the entire world to see, the idea of a race of this magnitude has taken on a gigantic proportion in American history, especially following 9/11. Americans are able to show they are not afraid to enjoy the adventures of aviation in celebration of 100 years of the Wright Brother's first flight.

High security and safety are everyone's primary focus as the details of our air race unfold. Hand in hand with said safety, we are striving to entertain, educate, and inspire every single person in the United States of America, and quite possibly the world. "The delivery of the race through television production by Papillon Productions is so informative that it will present the great image of aviation that may draw new students/candidates of every age as it features real people with real life stories!. We want to encourage the youngest child to the confused college student, that anyone can become an aviator, of course, first there are physical requirements."

"The recent reality show 'The Simple Life' with Paris Hilton had an audience of 11 million on its first night' and was thought of as a ridiculous TV show by most. Where, anyone would ask, where were the production values or any other values for that matter? I guess stupidity sells, whereas history and education are left on the back burner. What do you think?" ~ Donna C. Brown

"There are no great people; only great challenges that ordinary people are forced by circumstances to meet!" ~ Anonymous

Image Building
This race was conceived by a pilot, propelled by a producer, and embraced by a nation. Actually not just one nation, but many the world over. As pilots register their planes from all over the United States, an unbelievable bond is sealed with a signature. With nothing to do with politics, personal agendas, or fame, the people involved in the race all desire to provide entertainment, education, and the ignition of dreams.

"It's like after the Olympics, hundreds of young teenage girls go out and enroll in figure skating, ice skating, ballet, gymnastics, swim teams, karate, judo, and dozens of other activities. The same applies to the boys and men who may have dreamed of becoming a race car driver, skydiver, horse jockey, or champion . . . whatever." ~ Kenneth Dale Ellis

"The first principal of achievement is mental attitude. People begin to achieve when they begin to believe!" ~ J.C. Roberts


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